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the uphill battle for president barack obama, he tries to push gun control through congress. people are being urged to take cover after a nasty outbreak in contra costa, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning everybody, it is thursday january 17th, i am brian flores. >> thanks for waking up with us this morning, let's check with steve on the weather it does feel warmer. >> yes, there is a little more moisture in the air. still some upper 30s over a few, but highs look at oakland 62 and 62 in pacifica, here is sal. traffic is looking well around the bay area, we are looking at 24 westbound and it
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looks good driving to the caldecott tunnel. 101 looks good approaching the 880 split. let's go back to the desk. point information about san francisco restaurants -- important information about san francisco's restaurant here is more on the city's move to make restaurants healthy. >> reporter: starting today you will be able to figure out the public health standards and it is all part of the mayor's initiative to make government information easy to access. he hopes he will make it easily citywide. he will be at a conference where he serves as chairman and innovation. the chairman worked with the engineering team to create standards that other city sites
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and others can use as well. you can see how customers rate it but you can't find out how it is rated by the health department. live from san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, just hours ago the agency announced the boeing 747 dreamliner jets due to safety concerns, it will remain in effect until the battery fires are resolved. >> with the lithium battery, that is a very serious problem. you don't need the -- don't need the real worry of a fire. >> san jose's airport has a
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dreamliner flight scheduled for tomorrow but they may take off with another aircraft. standoff in algeria but there are 20 who have escaped. some who got away are reportedly americans. the group said the kidnapping was in prevention for frances intervention but hague said this. >> i think we would be cautious about describing this to this day and it is of course a convenient and excuse tow quote for people but usually operations like this take longer to plan than during the last week's events in molly. >> one british and one french worker was killed in the
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ambush. president barack obama unveiled his ideas aimed at gun violence. the president said it is up to the public to demand action. >> what is more important, doing what whatever it takes to get an "a" grade from the gun lob are you or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their children off for first frayed. >> the president is urging congress to reinstate the assault band and senator finestein will band both assault weapons and ammunition clips. getting tough on people and intending to have a range for health services and now we asked people what they had to say about the president's work
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on this. >> in general? >> we met and we all agree all should have background checks. the movie theater where a gunman opened fire in aurora will be there and some families will not be attending the reopening event. 35-year-old antonio is facing nearly a dozen felony charges. he was arrested after police arrested his home. he is being held on $250,000 bail. and now people are being asked to take precautions. dozens of students in lafayette
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got sick. health officials think the norovirus is to blame. health officials say washing your hands frequently can prevent you from getting sick. in the san francisco federal courthouse, it is set to take affect at first. they are claiming first amendment rights. exempts events such as the beta breakers. we are starting off with no major problems and let's look at the east shore freeway, traffic looks good as you drive through the mcarthur maze with no major problems. and also this morning's commute
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the toll plaza is always good. getting up to highway such, it is wide open, let's go to steve. it is cold not doubt about it high pressure will hold its pattern around i think fog will be back here santa rosa 27, fairfield, concord walnut creek knap that novato -- napa novato, it doesn't mean they will not dip into the 30s and i think concord had some and same will happen again today. mostly clear skies and now we are putting in a few 60s.
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that helps the coast, passive can. although 62 and santa rosa 54. fog sun mild to warm taking it to the weekend coast and bay. it is another spare the air day. that means wood person burning or firing up anything, those caught violating the ban face fines starting at $100. this year they are not giving warnings. coming up, new concerns about levee safety, seven years after the conference. and they are looking at a problem involving pharmacies. traffic looks good driving
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to the willow pass grade we will tell you about the bay area weather coming up.
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. >> good morning, 20s, 30s and 40s still sunny and mild. seaside heights boardwalk will be rebuilt. >> rides will be destroyed and the beach has been closed and guarded by police since then. last night the city was awarded $3 million to fix up the area and the new boardwalk will be open by memorial day weekend. hundreds of levees across the u.s. are in danger of failing. that includes a levee along the rivers. experts warn it will have catastrophic consequences. after katrina they insured up
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the flood protection system but many believe it needs $12 billion more. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will testify before the house foreign affairs committee the same day she will testify about the u.s. consulate in benghazi. they will hold out a confirmation meeting for her successor as well. they will speak at stanford university and he will be talking about award that is quickly changes. -- a world that is quickly changing. people who were not able to get a ticket can watch online. it was almost six months ago a gunman opened fire
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killing 20 and injuring 6 others. some are upset with the cinema for their failure to reach out and others are not ready to return to a movie theater. hundreds returned to honor a fallen police officer. they are remembering an officer who was shot to death on tuesday. his fellow officers called him highly respected and he was also a member of the police canine unit. he was not involved in the burglary as first reported. the motive still remains a mystery. he was talking to gas cone when he pulled 0 out a gun and shot him. moments later gascon shot himself. he tried to pull a three-
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year-old out of her mother's arms. the man is described as latino and smelling like automotive oil. the mother said her daughter was playing outside and the man walked up and complemented her daughter's beauty. he said he tried to pull her from her office but she managed to break free. highly addictive pain killers can go up to $40 a pill on the street. the pharmacy was robbed last month and new york pharmacies are planning devices in order to track thieves. >> we follow the gps tracker and we get all the money back. >> they are also using gps
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devices and burglaries have jumped since 2010. the city has workers can't spend more than 5 two hours -- 522 hours on the job. last year 63 workers were over that limit. other muni are in the fire department and the cap was put on them to stop overtime costs. the tests will include several hundred who give up their black garbage carts. the blue carts will be pore those which can't be recycled. they want to eliminate black carts instead of sending them
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to landfills. along the peaches they face their first. they will look to see if they can install parking meters. it is ahead of the surfing in half-moon bay. this is the first time in three years and you can see it has been calm and the waves are supposed to grow into monsters by the weekend. >> it is 68 degrees on the beach here in the middle of january and we will have waves upwards of 35 feet. [applauds] >> spectators will not be allowed on the beach though this year. that is after the last contest and people can watch the contest on big screen television and organizers plan to show the nfc championship
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with the atlanta falcons and that will be a great place to be. >> that is way too scary. let's take another look at traffic with sal, hey, say. early on this thursday morning we are he can charging out your commutes and let's talk about san francisco. northbound 101 that looks okay but you can see at the very top of your screen they are doing some sort of breaks as they are trying to get these workers out any time soon in the next ten minutes and you will see some slowed traffic so use 280 extension instead. let's look lat the bay bridge traffic or driving a cross the
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san mateo drive let's see what we can discuss. >> coming in late friday to saturday. still trying to punch in for the next wednesday and as we just mentioned, everything kicks in and over into the weekend. be advised things are changing and we have a nice system coming out of the gulf of las is a. -- alaska. temperatures in alaska have cooled off and our pattern, it shows temperatures are coming in at lower 20s. san joaquin valley will have it creep back in especially through the delta. a few 60s are popping up and
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that helps oakland and 61 and antioch 55, livermore 53, morgan hill gill ray, nice coast and bay and patchy fog will continue into the weekend, not much of a change. here is more. a woman crashed her suv into a swimming pool. hers set police said -- merced gwen went into a pool and a person helped to pull the suv to the edge of the pool and rescued the driver. a new clue is being released to the public in hopes
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of tracking it down. >> the pain was real, the grieve was real and the affection was real. >> what is not real is a made up girlfriend. a connection at notre dame. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off.
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and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . we have breaking news involving lance armstrong. the olympic committee has
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stripped lance armstrong because his admission and the talk with oprah whimphrey appears on it. they talked about those who campaigned for the president and joan picked up her tickets and the retired school teacher had her nails done to show off her prides for the president. also getting ready to attend his inauguration. >> i am hoping it will not be as cold as it was the last time. the temperatures were so cold and people in my section were just freezing. >> we work so hard and to have him be reelected, i can't stop grinning. i can't stop and then standing
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in front of the freezer to see what it will be like to stand outside in 32 degrees weather. >> they hope to do more volunteer work. and complete coverage of the inauguration, they hope it is not freezing cold as well. they will be there bringing us live reports on sunday. and the oakland museum in california has released a picture of the golden artifact that was stolen earlier this month. it is estimated to be as much as $800,000. the box was stolen on january 7th and it is likely the person who broke in last december and stole items and a $12,000 reward is being offered in the
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most recent theft. he announced he was inspired by his girlfriend, a stanford student who died from leukemia. but he used a fake name to forge an online relationship and trick him into believing she died tragically. >> in many ways, he was the perfect mark because he is the guy who is so willing to believe in others. >> now a sports website which broke the story said a friend of him couldn't connected the girlfriend and made the hoax to further his image. >> and after individual 49ers fans they are asking for tattoos and in one day they sold 300 t-shirts alone. one has a picture of st.
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michael battling the devil. we begin 2:00 a.m. following the championship and atlanta falcons at noon. lots of people are excited for that game this weekend. >> oh, yeah. i know one person who will be camped out in front of the television. >> absolutely right here on ktvu. traffic is doing well in many areas however we have been looking at northbound 101 and it looks like something is going on, watch for the exit with their lights on. it is not causing a big traffic jam but we are keeping an eye on it and let you know if it causes a problem as traffic gets busier. and there are no major problems but just be careful with that and it looks like they will be
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getting it out of the way soon. traffic does look good from hayward to fremont. kind of a damp cold for some, for others temperatures are coming up, brandon in pacifica. 43 and that is warm compared and in the system in the gulf of alaska, they are running into a big old dome of high pressure. 32 livermore, fairfield 30 and i would not be surprised if they dip. novato 28, 43 fso, 43 oakland, hayward 37 degrees. mostly sunny, i mean there could be a few high clouds but when you get that fog in the valley starting to set up that could make it difficult, novato
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right at 60, fremont 59 and 63 in chancrous and some locations although the fag are will be increasing until next wednesday. all of us here in the bay area do not have to go far to fine them. how the district is responding to a bay area school, we will be right back.
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